Why Customer engagement is necessary during the COVID-19 crisis

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Customer engagement is one of the most important factors in having loyal clients who always return to you for business. This continual communication with consumers is required to stay on top of their mind and ensure you are available to solve their issues. No one wants to be neglected, especially not from a brand they have spent money on. Engagement also entails the connection or relationship between the customer and brand that is forged deeper with constant communication.

At the time of a crisis like COVID-19, customer engagement becomes very necessary and plays an important role in ensuring your company stays afloat. It may not be possible to get more customers at a time like this, but you can at least maintain and expand your relations with the ones you already have. The 2020 pandemic has changed the way we deal with buyers and thus this is the time to add value and help them meet their goals.

There are many ways to stay in touch with your clients, whether verbal or written, but the more important point to understand is - why should you maintain this engagement? Here are the top reasons to make sure you're thinking about your customers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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There are various distancing restrictions

COVID-19 has put several distancing restrictions in place, which means meeting face to face or in person has become difficult. The same sales pitch you would give in a conference room full of clients, now needs to be delivered via an online platform.

Building a solid relationship with customers becomes the need of the hour when they can't visit your store or come to your office for a meeting. Create a plan in place to engage with your clients and prospects when you can't be with them in person.

People are facing financial concerns

With many businesses and professionals trying to stay afloat after the economic hit of the pandemic, many people are now facing financial concerns. Their first priority has become basic requirements as many people are losing jobs and even struggling to make ends meet.

Ensuring you have established trust early on with your customer can build a lasting relationship and loyalty throughout.

Uncertainty of the future

Since this the first time we are facing such a pandemic, there is no certainty of what the future may hold. People are unsure of what to expect personally, professionally, or financially and thus there is a general sense of underlying fear.

Let customers know you're in the same boat and trying your best to make the most of the situation. Standing together in the face of adversity can help you go a long way with building relationships with customers and new prospects.

Availability on multiple channels

Your present customers may need assistance and customer services, which they cannot get at your place of work. This is why you must be available on multiple channels to communicate with them. Solve issues regarding purchases and returns by ensuring you're available on phone, email, social media, and any other platform you use to communicate with your clients.

Your product or service may not be the first priority

With survival instincts kicking in, many people are doing away with unnecessary expenses right now. This means they will not be eating at expensive restaurants or travelling to different places, and instead be saving that money for the future.

At such a time, your product or service may not be of the top most priority to some customers. This is why when it comes to customer engagement during a crisis, communicate to them how your brand can offer help at this time. Let them know if you have cancellation or return policies with money back so they can reduce expenses. Being proactive with your communication strategy can help you once the crisis subsides as well.

Make it more about value than sales

Instead of only thinking about making sales, use your content to add value and help your customers and their businesses. Share informational content for your industry peers and about the pandemic if it relates to what you do.

Customer management is different

Speaking face to face and over the phone is very different and requires companies to equip themselves with tools to manage customers better.

A Customer Relationship Management system can make a big impact when teams are made to work remotely and not together in an office. Managing communication and engagement with customers and prospects can become much easier when using a CRM. It offers a centralised platform for all your data to be collected and stored, makes interaction with customers much easier, allows you to collaborate better with teammates, creates an effective sales funnel, is customisable, and much more!

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