What is sales cadence and how can it help your business - Part 1

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In business, sales cadence is a continual succession of touch points that a sales rep maintains with a prospect. This is done for creating engagement and establishing a connection to make a sale.

Sales cadence begins from the first time you get in touch with the prospect and ends when they are either converted into a sales opportunity or exit into the nurturing bucket. It usually includes a succession of scheduled conversations done through email, phone, social media platforms, and more.

How to create a sales cadence for your business

Building a sales cadence for your business is not something that can be planned once and reused. While the concept and foundation remain the same, finding the right cadence for your brand takes trial and error. It should consider different approaches such as products, target market, region, services, persona, and more.

Here are 7 steps for designing the perfect sales cadence for your business.

1. Who is your target audience?

The most important step in creating a sales cadence is understanding who your target audience really is. Take the time to analyse your prospects and collect data on your potential customers so you know how and where to get in touch with them.

Find out which platforms they are most interactive on, how your company can help them, what their company pain points are, which of your products and services can help them, and more. Doing your due diligence instead of going in blindly can do wonders for establishing the foundation for your sales cadence.

2. Where will you communicate with them?

To build an effective sales cadence for your brand, you must include all the relevant platforms and forms of communications your target customers use. Using your above research, come up with the most used platforms and channels so you can effectively get in touch.

Make sure to include messaging, emailing, calling, and reaching out on social media instead of limiting yourself to just one platform. For instance, if your prospect is more responsive on Facebook instead of via emails or phone call, make sure to incorporate that factor into your cadence.

3. How many touch points will you have?

Studies show that a prospect needs to be contacted at least 7 times for a sales rep to get their attention. This is why it is ideal that your sales cadence should have around 8 to 12 touch points for your strategy to work.

4. How will you space out your touch points?

Spacing out your communication is very important as you don't want to seem like you are hounding your prospect. Instead of calling, messaging, and emailing your prospect over and over through the day, wait a day or two before contacting them again.

Planning out your touch points in advance as well as which platforms you will be using to communicating with them on which day can help in creating a well thought out pace for your sales cadence.

5. What is the duration of your sales cadence?

The duration of your sales cadence lasts from the first point of contact with the prospect to the final one. The ideal sales cadence should last from 2 to 4 weeks but this can vary depending on how your prospect is engaging with you.

6. How will you categorise your prospects?

Just like buyer personas, segmenting your list of prospects into different tier accounts can help you target them effectively. Categorise them into different tiers based on their industry, region, specific pain points, company size, and more.

Once you have this segmentation and properly categorise your prospects, you can then create a separate sales cadence for each category. Each tier will need a different way of nurturing and segmentation will help you create a specific approach for each, tweaking your touch points, means of communication, the time between each contact, and other such elements.

7. What will you send your prospects?

The content of your communication matters as much as how you communicate it. Make sure that your email contains a targeted message that instantly attracts your prospects' attention as this is imperative in ensuring they get back to you. With a killer content strategy, your sales cadence would be able to fair as well as you hope.

As seen above, sales cadence is a much-needed part of every business and helps reps maintain relationships as well as bring in more sales.

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