Tips To Live By As A Sales Person During COVID-19

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2020 is a changing year for businesses all around the globe and companies are trying to find the best way to stay open and operate. Up until the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home was a trend but now it has become a way of life. With changing times, companies and individual employees need to adapt to the new normal for operating and keep their business running.

If you're a sales rep who is now working from home and doesn't have the option of going to the office, we've outlined some tips that can help you build a new strategy for sales!

Update your outreach process

If you are an outside sales rep who is used to meeting people face to face and making deals, you will have to adapt to new ways of keeping the conversation going virtually. The process is still the same, you just have to adapt to using new platforms. While selling remotely, develop an outreach plan that is easy to follow and fruitful. Focus on some industry best practices while doing so -

    • Customise your communications -

Personalisation is key when getting in touch with any prospect whether online or in person. Communicating with them about things that are pertinent to each specific customer makes them feel like you care because you took the time out to understand their specific problem and how your company can help solve it. Customisation can be as simple as addressing the reader by their name in emails instead of a 'send to all' general approach. Apply your outreach strategy to everyone separately instead of clubbing them together and try not to fit them in the same box.

    • Keep following up -

It is very rare for prospects to close the deal in the first conversation as smart shoppers want to ensure they have all the knowledge they need before the purchase. By ensuring to follow up, you can send them important information and check in with them on a regular basis to ensure you stay on top of their mind, while also reminding them of what you are offering.

    • Use an efficient CRM -

Using an efficient Customer Relationship Management software can go a long way in tweaking and updating your outreach strategy as the platform will help you better understand where your leads lie in the sales process. Always update it with the required information, whether the lead responds back on not, to help you track their progress and pivot your strategy as needed.

Understand how to give virtual presentations

Your number one priority right now as a sales rep is to get comfortable with and properly understand how to host virtual presentations to make interacting with prospects and customers a seamless process.

    • Preparation and research -

Like any other kind of communication with your prospects, research and preparation is the first step to presenting the right virtual presentation. Use every resource possible to understand the individual or company you are presenting to so you can tailor each presentation to their requirements. A well personalised presentation can lead to a more positive response and success in closing the deal in the long term.

    • Add value to every presentation -

Share values, not features when presenting to your prospect as that helps them understand right off the bat how your product serves them individually. This is where your preparation and research will come in handy and entice them into staying interested for the full presentation.

    • Ask the right questions -

The best presentations are the ones directed to the prospect. Keeping that in mind, make sure to stop every once in a while and ask questions regarding the products or services in your presentation. As you aren't in the same room as your prospect, they may hesitate from stopping you and inquiring in between. You can also host a Q&A at the end of the presentation for addressing the questions or doubts that weren't discussed during the presentation.

    • Propose a clear CTA -

A clear and understandable Call To Action can help push your prospect to take the next step. Make sure your prospect knows exactly what is on offer in terms of pricing and benefits, as well as any discounts you may be offering at this time. Having these details clearly stated can help reduce confusion and help them make a purchase sooner than later.

Think about long term sales

Most sales reps working at the office live month to month trying to meet their quota of sales but with the new situation, you have to adapt to a new mindset. It's time now to think about the long term goal instead of quick sales. You need to focus more on building relationships with customers, getting referrals, and creating a sales process that benefits both you and the customer in the long run.

Just because people aren't purchasing products and services as they used to, doesn't mean you need to lose out on them. This is the time to keep in touch and stay on your customers' minds till the time everything gets back to normal!

Be helpful

During a pandemic or time of crisis, people start narrowing down their needs to the basics and essentials and may not want to invest in products or services that may seem extravagant at this time. Keep in mind that right now most people want to focus on their health, safety, stability of employment and their company.

Take the time to understand and identify what your prospect or customer is looking for and reach out to them accordingly. The best way to stay relevant right now is by adding value to your conversations instead of only looking at what you can get from the interaction as a salesperson. Change your mindset to a more 'helping' one as people do want to hear from you, but you must have something important to say that helps them.

At this time, consumers need brands to show that they care about their wellbeing and not just about making a sale. Tweak your way of communicating and find the best way to add value and build trust. Using a cloud computing system such as a CRM can greatly benefit companies to collaborate with remote employees and keep track of sales and work updates. To know more, get in touch with FIVE CRM!

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