Sales And Marketing Automation To Handle More Leads

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It's no lie that sales and marketing reps are extremely busy professionals. Apart from finding leads and driving sales, there are various small tasks they need to undertake to ensure the smooth running of their processes. In fact, most sales and marketing reps believe that having an assistant to take care of these repetitive and manual tasks can be a boon as it will allow them to focus on more important things.

As a small business, hiring multiple people to handle the same process is not always possible, which is why automation is the best option. Automation can help small businesses run just like large enterprises by using cost-effective and reliable sales and marketing tools.

Automation is beneficial for both the sales and marketing teams and offers different features to each. Since increasing sales and revenue is the main goal for both of these teams, automation tools offer help through each stage of the leads' life cycle. Using a sales and marketing automation tool helps in finding more leads, qualifying and segmenting them, as well as aids sales and marketing reps in their daily tasks.

Here are some of the ways in which sales and marketing automation can help reps in effectively finding and handling more leads.

How to handle more leads with automation?

Keep your funnel full

It is very important to keep your sales funnel full so that you can generate a steady stream of qualified leads. This is a task that takes a lot of time and effort from both sales and marketing reps. Now, imagine if you could keep your funnel full using customised email marketing, sales calls, newsletters, web popups, and more, that too without having to do anything manually?

Sales and marketing automation is the answer and can help reps in both teams complete these processes without manual intervention. Automating these tasks can also increase accuracy and reduce human error as rep intervention is nil once they have set up the parameter. Ultimately, we all know that the more leads you accumulate in your funnel, the higher your chances of getting qualified leads and eventually more profits.

Lead qualification

You would think lead qualification is a job that needs to be personally done by sales or marketing reps. But that's not true.

Lead qualification is another aspect where automation can help reps. Marketing reps can set parameters for sending out appropriate marketing material at each stage of qualification depending on the different types of buyer personas. The sales reps, on the other hand, can automate lead scoring along with the ability to automatically divide contacts into the right segments.

Lead segmentation and nurturing

As we know, lead segmentation is the best way to segregate your prospects in order to target them with customised content and create effective interactions. Lead segmentation can be done on the basis of how these leads interacted with your brand - web browsing activity, email opens, custom tags, link clicks, and such.

Using lead segmenting processes lets reps reach out to them depending on what stage of their buyer journey they are on. Are they still just browsing, considering making a purchase, or are they ready to make a purchase?

By automating these processes, sales reps will be able to implement better lead nurturing practices as they will be able to track and access all kinds of data. This data allows reps to also understand lead interest levels as well as segment and target them more effectively through the sales funnel.

Take your lead nurturing processes to the next level by using automation. Automation helps in customising emails, messages, advertisements, and more to ensure you target leads with just what they are interested in. Once you have complete knowledge of their interest levels, it is much easier to tailor campaigns and strategies that are more likely to succeed. Plus, you will also be able to time these email campaigns at appropriate intervals to ensure proper engagement.

Increase in productivity

There is no doubt that automating tasks is an efficient way to tackle repetitive processes that don't actually need human intervention once they have been set. There is a marked improvement and increase in productivity when reps automate sales and marketing tasks.

By implementing such automation tools, your reps wouldn't need to collect, vet, and nurture leads repeatedly day in and day out. Such tools make sure that these tasks are taken care of for them so they can better focus on prioritised work allotted to them.

Have complete control of marketing

Marketing automation tools make it very easy for reps to view and track each lead or customer, as well as provide complete access to any required data on them. Such a tool also offers complete clarity and insight into what the sales teams are doing, making it much easier to collaborate between the two.

With a bird's eye view of each lead in the system, marketing reps can easily determine how their various marketing channels are working. They can check the reach and engagement of their strategies and then make adjustments based on these numbers. This also allows marketing reps to continuously improve their tactics for reaching out to leads and getting them interested in your brand.

Better collaboration

Confusion starts to take place when sales and marketing teams need to share lead or contact information with each other and they don't have a centralised place to do so. To be able to handle more leads in an efficient manner, they need to be able to collaborate and communicate on one single platform. This will allow better handling of all customers, tasks, and leads as well as speed up the processes to handle as many leads as possible.

Sales and Marketing Automation

There is no doubt that sales and marketing teams can greatly benefit from automation processes when it comes to handling more leads. Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, lead prospecting, segmenting, and nurturing are a part and parcel of everyday work. By automating these tasks you can not only achieve the perfect level of efficiency but also allow your business to grow systematically. Using the above tips will ensure that your sales and marketing teams are reaping the benefits of automation, and subsequently handing more leads and generating higher revenue.

The key to achieving this is using all-in-one sales and marketing automation tools that allow both teams to collaborate, access all the data in one centralised place, as well as view and execute strategies based on accurate data.

FIVE CRM is one such automation platform that offers several features, perfectly suited for businesses of all sizes. This scalable software works as a contact, project, and task management solution with the ability to track leads at every stage. Get automation features like customised campaigns for social media and emails, newsletters, web popups, and more. Your teams will also be able to get a deep insight into the analytics of how these campaigns are faring.

Get in touch with us to know more about how our software can help your business.

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