Remote Sales - How to manage your team and customers

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If you aren't used to a remote selling environment, the new onset of working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic may be a difficult period of adjustment for you. As a salesperson, most reps are used to face to face meetings with clients and business associates but with remote working, everything happens virtually.

On the other hand, when done right, remote sales is a very beneficial way of handling leads and deals without wasting too much time. You can close sales sitting right at home by elevating your selling process and increasing productivity! There are a few challenges such as accountability, motivation, collaboration, and such that come in the way of remote working, but the right tools and techniques can make that process much less challenging.

As a manager, team collaboration can be difficult without people working right next to each other which is why you must understand and adapt to remote selling. Here are some tips on making sure your ship sails smoothly even in the stormiest of weather!

1. Remote selling and its benefits

Remote sales come with a number of different benefits that sometimes outweigh the need for conducting meetings personally. One of the best ways to ensure you are completely ready for handling work from home is to use a cloud-based platform or Customer Relationship Management Software that helps you keep everything you need at hand with the power of the internet.

We will talk more about the technologies that can be used for remote working below in the blog.

Cost effective
When all the employees of the company are working remotely, the need for office space and the daily amenities needed to run the space aren't required anymore. You also reduce money on transportation, quick coffees and lunches outside on work breaks, and more.


Working remotely or from home reduces the amount of time sales reps waste traveling around to meet clients. With virtual meetings, you can be more efficient and set up more meetings in the day than you would be able to previously. You can also use this saved time to look into more leads and deals in the pipeline that need attention.


When working remotely, you also have the chance to connect with people overseas all around the world as all the meetings happen virtually. All you need is a great internet connection and a set time that works for both time zones!

2. Managing your sales team remotely

Managers need to oversee what everyone on the sales team is doing at any given time and check on how the leads in the sales pipeline are performing. Even without being there in person to see what is happening with your reps, you can still manage your sales team remotely and make sure you know what task or deal with each one is working. This is possible by setting some general rules for operations for the day to day work.

Set realistic expectations

Put down clear priorities and expectations to increase performance levels. Set a benchmark to maintain when it comes to sales objectives, online procedures, managing leads, collaborating more efficiently, and more. Create ground rules and processes such as finding leads, managing cold calling prospects, working on follow-up, closing deals, etc. as well. Sales managers should also take the time to create detailed reports for every employee to delegate specific tasks and meet performance goals.

Encourage communication and trust

Just because everyone isn't working next to each other at the office, doesn't mean there should be no communication between the reps and managers. Make sure to create time slots for communication by setting up group as well as one on one calls with everyone. Communication is also the only way to build trust and understand what's going on in your reps' mind.

Minimise overlapping and non-sales responsibilities

Make sure to delegate tasks in a way that there is minimum overlapping of work and reps are not left doing the same things wasting time. Repetitive manual chores are another waste of time that many reps face when working remotely. Implementing a CRM here reduces this as it automates manual and repetitive tasks, allowing the rep to focus on more important things.

Collaborative resources

Free cloud-based storage services such as Google Drive can help create better collaborations between the team as it allows everyone to see the latest version of documents. Make sure to use many such tools available online that make sending and receiving files by email redundant, making life much simpler for reps!

3. Training your team remotely

Training is the only way to grow and learn more in order to do better at sales. With new technology and strategies devised routinely, reps need to be trained in what's new and upcoming. But how do you do it remotely?

Virtual training

Lead by example and take your reps along for virtual meetings! You can do this by simply adding them to client meetings and allowing them to experience a sales presentation first hand. Just as you would have taken a junior sales rep to a meeting, this virtual ride-along lets them learn in real-time even though they aren't at the office.

Use leaderboards

Get everyone's competitive side out with gamification and use games and leaderboards to motivate them to do better! With team-wide metrics, you can measure each rep's performance and set goals they are excited to achieve. Gamification helps motivate the team to work harder and overtake others.

Read more about Gamification on our Blog - Use Gamification to increase employee engagement.

Webinars and ebooks

An all-time favourite, webinars can be easily attended and accessed from anywhere in the world and are a great way to upgrade your reps' knowledge in sales. A big benefit is that you can educate multiple reps at the same time here so you save time and money. Whether you want to introduce and explain a new product, talk about company process upgrades, new technology, or anything else, webinars are a great platform to do so. You can also invite famous people and experts from the industry to add value.

4. Managing customers remotely

Staying in touch with your customers, whether or not your store is still open, is important to build a long and trusting relationship. Whether you are nurturing a lead or keeping in touch post the deal, regularly communicating with your customers keeps them happily engaged with your brand, ultimately increase profits!

Create a process to reach out

Make a standardised process for communicating with customers as there are several ways of communication, and warranted calls, emails, and messages can be annoying. If you keep on sending messages on various channels, the receiver will stop taking you seriously and eventually ignore messages that are important as well.

With a well thought out process in place, your reps will know exactly when and how they should get in touch with customers without becoming overbearing. Having so many different platforms to reach customers is a boon, but makes sure to use them wisely.

Organise all communications in one place

Making sure you have all your communications stored in one place makes finding them when necessary very easy. Whether you want to look for conversations had on email, messages, your website, or over social media, a CRM can help compile all of this together in a single spot. This allows reps to conveniently find any details they are looking for without moving back and forth between different applications.

5. CRM for remote sales

As mentioned above, cloud-based software is a great choice for companies working remotely at this time. Such software will help not just within the team but also with managing your customers, making sure you close sales, and move leads quickly through the sales pipeline. There are many Advantages Of Cloud Computing For Remote Working, and every small or large business can reap its benefits.

Using a Customer Relationship Management Software can greatly help with remote sales as it provides a holistic view of your sales. Such a platform can help with managing your sales reps remotely, centralise work, reduce manual tasks, communicate, collaborate, keep an eye on the sales pipeline, and more no matter where you are!

Get in touch with FIVE CRM to know more about how we can help your company.

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