How to write effective sales scripts for cold calling

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Cold calling is a sales process most reps dread, and for good reason. It involves contacting people or businesses who you think are a good fit for your products or solution. But, the catch is that these people haven't shown any prior interest in your company and the sales rep needs to work hard at catching their attention.

As opposed to warm calling, where the prospect has made prior contact or shown interest in your products and services, cold calling is much tougher as it is unpredictable and sometimes even exasperating.

To remedy this, sales reps usually make use of sales scripts that can help them structure the conversation and make the most of the amount of time you get on an initial call with a prospect. It avoids letting the sales rep go into the conversation blindly, and this especially applies to reps who are new at the job. The perfect sales script for cold calling can make all the difference between a prospect hanging up the phone or moving forward with the conversation.

Writing a cold calling sales script

If you're thinking of writing a sales script for cold calling, there are some effective ways to do so. Cold calling doesn't mean simply picking up the phone and calling people randomly - there is a method to finding the right people to contact or else any effort you put into your cold calling strategy will be wasted.

First, you need to think about the main features and services you offer to the consumers and how they are the best solution for their problems. List out the advantages of your products and search for your target audience that will most benefit from them. Don't get lost in the sea of badly written scripts that don't work, think out a proper plan that suits your company and create a script that works for you.

Script template

Putting down a format before you begin writing the script helps provide a framework that will take the conversation in the right direction. That being said, a script can only be great if you allow it to have enough flexibility to anticipate any deviations and challenges. Here's how you can structure your script -

Initial introduction

Start with a simple and effective introduction that keeps the prospect interested in what you have to say and not hang up without hearing you out. Be assertive and professional so you are taken seriously and start by letting them know who you are. A pre-written and planned script is the best way to maintain a conversation without sounding unsure.

Add a value statement

The value statement is where you reel in the prospect so follow up your introduction by saying something that adds interest to them. This could be you offering a quick solution or pointing out a problem you can help them out with. If the prospect doesn't know what you can do for them or how you can help them, the conversation may not be worth their time.

Ask qualifying questions

When you have done your research and think this prospect is a good fit for your products, there are still certain qualifying factors to ensure this. Without completely knowing the compatibility, you may just be wasting your prospect's time and your own. Ask the right qualifying questions regarding your products or services and pinpoint ways you can help them.

Give examples of past experiences

Drive the conversation forward by providing examples of past experiences you've had with other customers and how your technology has helped them. Introduce prospects to common industry pain points if they are unaware or pitch a set of solutions if they are facing the discussed issue.

Provide your brand, product, and service information

Impress the prospect with your technology and solutions once you've figured out exactly what they are looking for. Offer relevant products and services and have variations in your script to accommodate any kind of questions. It will also help to know your products or services inside out so you can answer questions right off the bat.

Impactful ending

If the prospect has stayed on the phone till now it means there is some interest in what you have to offer, but they may not be ready to buy just yet. This is where the closing statement becomes important as you need to end the conversation with a persuasive approach. Thank them for their time and ask if they would like to meet and see the product or service. Let this act as the stepping stone towards the next step in the sales process.

The above framework can help you easily write a script that makes your cold calling efforts successful! By using these tips, you can frame questions and statements that help you create a discussion that can move positively towards a sale. Don't forget to keep alternate answers ready so you aren't confused if there is a slight deviation in what you had expected. Above all, always rehearse the script for optimal effect!

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