How to have Powerful Sales Conversations

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Sales isn't the easiest department to work in, especially in this current day and age. Earlier customers only had the sales reps to work them through the deal and products or services, but with all the information in the customer's hand. Sales reps now work more as people who are required to understand their clients and give them what they require.

You can't just pitch an idea to unsuspecting customers and then hope for the best - sales takes a lot of nurturing and needs the rep to be just the right amount of persuasive and helpful. Being too needy, sounding desperate or being unprepared for a sales conversation with your client can lead to loss of a sale. But here are a few simple things to keep in mind for having powerful sales conversations, that can win your customers over!

Building rapport

Building trust with the customer is important for not just making a sale, but to also ensure of future dealings. Whether the customer is on their way to buying a product or service from you, it is better to first build a rapport with them.

Now, when calling prospective customers out of the blue, this may seem like a more difficult task than it is. The easiest way to build trust with the customer is to simply listen to them. Find out what they like or don't like, and truly listen to absorb this information, as it may also help you in future conversations. Build a common ground for the two of you, with something that you both share. For example, maybe you are both football fans, or love outdoor adventures?

Lead qualification

Lead qualification is important because no sales rep wants to have to spend unnecessary time nurturing a lead that never wanted to make a purchase in the first place. There is no way for you to make this decision off the bat, and you will have to seamlessly put in a few questions into the conversation itself to check whether the prospect is even a good fit.

Also, it is good to trust your gut instinct here. Feel like there is something off about the customer even though they fit your purchaser profile perfectly? Chances are that even if your prospect fits the bill, has the money and seems likely to buy, but you feel something just isn't right, it is a better idea to lower expectations about them because having to go through the whole nurturing process, and then realizing this or having troubles with the client later will be a bigger issue.


This may seem obvious, but being prepared for these sales pitch conversations is never a bad idea! To have a well-rounded sales conversation, it is extremely necessary for you to know your stuff inside out.

Make sure you do your research before you get into the conversation, on call or in person. Knowing details about your customer, and having notes on your previous conversations will help you understand them better and you can take the conversation from where you ended it last.

To have a successful and powerful sales conversation you need to be prepared to answer a few questions, because just as you are verifying the customer's lead qualification, the customer is vetting your company through you.

Benefits over features

Many sales reps make the mistake of describing the products and services based on the features that they have. That is a totally valid way to go, but what is more impactful is leading with the benefits their products, services and company will be providing to the customer instead.

Think about this, if you were told that a particular device has 1 GB of space (feature), and can hold over 1000 songs and apps (benefit), which sounded more exciting to you?

Do your homework, and find out what is the value your company is offering the prospective client. You need to have a proper understanding of it, and also utterly convinced of it, because if you aren't, how will the customers be?

Powerful ending

During your preparation, ask yourself what you want at the end of this conversation and lead your customer towards it. It is always a good idea to end with a 'what's next' and give a goal to work towards. It could be setting up a meeting, showcasing a demo it even delivering goods.

Ensure to plan this next step so you have a way to leading your customer to the next step in the sales cycle stage. It isn't possible to secure a sale in just one conversation, so this is better than waiting for the customer to get back to you, which may not even happen.


Ensure to have a powerful and well-prepared end to a sales conversation for closing a deal, nurture leads, and build long-lasting relationships with customers. Ensure that you don't over sell and instead aim at helping the customer to close the deal successfully.

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