FIVE Step Small Business Growth Formula

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Every business has a sole goal being - growth. No one starts a company thinking they are okay staying in the same place they started, so why not find some creative and essential ways to grow your small business?

Small businesses already have a lot of problems especially when it comes to competition with the bigger ones. Then comes the challenge of facing marketing properly and ensuring that your product or service is getting the best visibility it needs.

Generating more leads, retaining customers and increasing revenues are the other more important concerns that most business owners have when running a small business. Wouldn't it be easier to have a simple formula that helps you eliminate risks and put in place a system that leads to rapid growth for your company?

Here's the FIVE step small business growth formula that can help in cutting back losses and finding the best way for you to generate more profits for your company!

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the fastest ways to generate leads for your website and has become one of the top trends in marketing as well. Having content like blogs, videos, and other informational and entertaining content that is relevant to users can draw a lot of traffic towards your website.

The newest trend in content marketing is the use of videos since they can be made more attention grabbing and entertaining, while allowing the viewer to retain more data than from reading that may get monotonous.

The trick here is to stay up to date and relevant, instead of just simply following others like a sheep. Create original content that can bring some value to your readers and viewers so that they keep coming back for more and establish you as an industry expert. Have videos such as product overviews, setup videos, how to guides, success story documentaries and much more.

Social Media

Social media and content marketing go hand in hand. This is because if you have a great opportunity for writing or creating an exciting video to share with your customers, then Social Media is the biggest platform to spread the word.

Like we talked about earlier, the importance of sharing good quality content that your followers are interested in is high. The need of the hour is to pull out the big guns and create engaging content that is compelling and worthy of getting shared by your readers or viewers.

Even topics such as success stories and recommendation or testimonials are great crowd influencers and can work in your favour to impart knowledge about what you should offer to your followers.

Paid for advertising

Paid for advertising has been a long proven source of leads that is used by most companies. While different from content or social media marketing, it is a helpful method that assists in increasing leads, sales as well as traffic to your website.

Consider SEO and PPC for Google that will help you get an increase in leads, but don't just stop there! Statistics show that LinkedIn Advertising is a great way to bring new exposure to your company as well. Sponsor content that is very targeted and resonates with your consumers by reaching your targeted audience's timeline and getting better visibility.

Since paid for advertising is not the cheapest option, the best way to make sure you get the most out of this method is to start small and ensure that you try out everything before sticking to a model that works for you every time.

Landing pages

Without landing pages that have been optimized in the best possible way, all the efforts you put into marketing and generating leads will bear no fruit. Each marketing campaign should have its own dedicated landing page that provides a clear-cut understanding of the product or service with the important points highlighted clearly, and a simple Call to Action that gets the consumer to decide.

Not having such a landing page can highly increase your bounce rate, also increase your cost per inquiry. It is necessary to ensure that the landing page has great and compelling content and is optimized with the company's target audience as well.


When a consumer wants to research your product or service, the first thing they do is look up your website. Since it is the face that represents you on the Internet, it is obvious how important it is to maintain a well-functioning and well informative website that can answer all your consumers' questions.

Make sure that your website is well optimized and easy to use, especially when it comes to navigation and flow of web pages. No one wants to visit a glitchy and unresponsive website that doesn't load properly or has uninformative product information.

Ensure you put all your relevant data there, but keep in mind that the secret lies in quality and not quantity, so keep the information relevant and fresh instead of long and boring.

Running a business is not an easy task and it never will be. The need to grow your company and increase profits is a life long process so it is important to put into place a process that helps you attaining these constant and continuous goals.

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