Advantage of Using Telemarketing in Today's Digital Era

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Just because telemarketing is a 'traditional' means of marketing, doesn't mean it isn't as good as the more digitally driven structure companies use now. It's a viable and integral part of any marketing strategy and has proven effective in generating brand awareness, sales, leads and other positive outcomes.

In today's digital age, telemarketing can help bring a more personal touch to customer communications that digital marketing seems to lack. Not only is it a cheap and easy to implement system but it also addresses technical and sales issues more effectively and helps create a relationship with customers due to the personal interaction.

Friendly and approachable

Telemarketers don't have a lot of time to get the prospect on the other end of the line interested in what they have to say - so it's important to use your time wisely. Be friendly and approachable, instead of being pushy and aggressive in your way of speaking. Even though the prospect can't see you, they can 'hear' your every expression.

If you are hesitant, unsure or sound bored and monotonous, the customer may not take you seriously. Instead, sound relaxed over the phone and try to build a relationship with the customer. Ensure to sound like you are genuinely interested in what they have to say and are keen on helping them out.

Warm calling

If you feel cold calling is too aggressive and catches people out of the blue, then maybe warm calling is a more suitable approach. Warm calling is when you follow up on an enquiry, instead of calling someone and telling them about your products and services. This way, you already know that the prospect is interested in what you offer and you wouldn't be catching them off guard.

This helps reps move past the awkward stage of explaining what they offer and if the prospects need it, and move straight to understanding how the company can help and what the next step can be.

With the rampant use of digital platforms, enquiries come in from the company's website, emails, newsletters and even events that you may attend. Following up with prospects that have shown interest in your company and warm calling them can certainly increase your chances of a sale.

For instance, if you meet an interested party at an event and get their business card for further discussion, then getting in touch with them within a week is a good idea. Email them and reference your meeting at the event, or call them to discuss. Whichever way you choose, warm calling helps create a point of contact and take the discussion further.

Having a set goal

A telemarketing campaign can benefit greatly from having a set goal, which is commonly understood by the whole marketing team. It's essential to understand the purpose of the calls that are being made to the prospects and customers because it becomes very easy to lose sight of what's important.

Keep in mind that these calls cannot solely be made for personal gains and just pushing the agenda of the company. Instead, assess your prospects and existing customers' needs and find out what they require. If you can offer it, call them and let them know! If not, don't try to push your products and services for personal gains.

Go into a call with a clear mind and knowing exactly what you need to achieve - understanding your customers' needs and offering a solution to help them out and increase sales.

The advantages of having a telemarketing campaign are many, and it can greatly help any company achieve their marketing goals when used in tandem with other strategies. The main outcome of telemarketing is an effective method of communication for discussing your products and services, and for effective customer service. It proves to be a great way for discussing concerns and offering a solution - and end of the day it's all about having a good meaningful conversation instead of a hard sales pitch!

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