7 Ways to Respond to Customer Complaints Effectively

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Responding to customer complaints is an integral part of bettering customer experience with your brand. Since social media has made it so easy to communicate with each other, it is important to engage with consumers on several channels and respond to them in a timely manner. However, Harris Interactive claims that nearly 79% of customer complaints that were posted on different websites were ignored by brands.

While it is simple to respond to positive responses and comments, the difficulty starts when you need to efficiently respond to negative customer complaints. Take each interaction with your customer as an opportunity to engage with them positively and elevate your company.

Make sure you are making the most of each interaction and appropriately responding to customer complaints by using the below techniques.

Stay professional

Angry customers can be difficult to deal with but you must respond in a professional manner. Make sure that you respond in a clear, calm, and understanding way no matter how angry or irate the customer gets with you. It is important to remember that they have nothing personal against you and are just angry about the situation.

Apologise when necessary

An apology goes a long way as it is a good technique to disarm angry customers. If a customer complains and there is an issue with the order, a lack in fulfilling their shipment, or any kind of delay at the company's end, a big apology is needed. If your brand is not at fault and the customer is still unhappy about a certain situation, apologising can still help. In such a case, it is appropriate to apologise for the bad experience and try to help them remedy the situation.

Take the time to understand your customers

Customers who complain come in many forms. Some of them are aggressive in their conversation while others are timid. Some might try to negotiate better deals by nitpicking small issues while others are more straightforward in their demands.

By understanding these different types of customers, you will be able to better handle each situation. Document and analyse different behaviours and outcomes so that you can fully grasp how to tackle the various complaints efficiently.

Look out for brand mentions

There are various platforms where consumers can review brands and their products or even leave complaints. Always be aware of who is talking about your brand by setting up alerts using social media tools. Apart from the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you must also look out for influence and blogger mentions as well as consumer review websites.

Knowing who is saying what about your company, products, and services can help you be more proactive and engage better with customers. It will also allow you to keep up and respond to said customers instead of seeming like you don't care.

Be personal in your communication

Personalisation is known to be one of the best ways to better customer experience and keep them engaged with your brand. Always be personal in your communication when reaching out to customers. Use their name when addressing them instead of a generic "dear customer" and also use information from previous interactions to enhance their experience with you.

Be quick to respond

In this age of instant gratification, customers are always looking forward to quicker responses. There are several tools available that can help you keep track of brand mentions as well as allow you to respond to them on various channels quickly. A faster response also means faster resolving of the problem, which reflects well on your brand.

Never delete comments

Some comments and customers can be tough to deal with but don't ever make the mistake of deleting comments. Doing so will make you look like you are trying to sweep things under the rug instead of proactively tackling them. However difficult it may seem, the least you can do is leave them a direct email or phone number so they can resolve their issue quickly.

Resolving customer complaints quickly and efficiently is a great way to make sure you create a good name for your brand online. Having a positive presence on social media is important and using the above ways can help you tackle positive as well as negative comments.

Using an advanced Customer Relationship Management software is also a helpful way of resolving and managing customer complaints in a timely fashion. FIVE CRM offers such a robust platform that can help you better your customer interactions.

Get in touch with us to know more about how such a software can help your business.

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