7 things you can do for your business during COVID-19

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The beginning of the pandemic put a halt to a lot of businesses and has been a driving factor in making companies adapt to new ways of carrying out their daily work processes. Because of the new situation, companies have had to reevaluate their brands and find innovative ways to keep their companies going.

This is a time that is putting a lot of strain on businesses and individuals due to the looming uncertainty and isolation. While most companies believe COVID-19 has been the worst thing to happen, why not see the silver lining in every situation and make the most of it? Take this time to grow your business, build connections, and review what your company has already done.

In a time when things just aren't under our control, we must band together and focus on things that we actually can control, make the best of the situation because this crisis will eventually pass too and you can come back stronger and with full force by staying prepared!

Here are 7 things you can do for your business during COVID-19 instead of giving up.

Go back to the basics

Start from the beginning and reorganise your business when things start changing rapidly and you aren't sure how to handle these unprecedented changes. This is a good time to evaluate and gauge the state of your business and get back to tasks that helped start up your company in the first place. Take stock of the resources you already have and ones that you may need during this trying time.

Use this slow time to clean up previous data that may be backed up about your customers and prospects. Going over it again can help you create new ways of targeting and using this information, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how new and valuable ideas start to emerge!

Start with identifying areas where you can help your customers and focus on areas of improvement by starting on broader topics and narrowing down to specifics.

How can you better understand what your customers need at this moment?
Are certain tasks taking up too many company resources?
Can any changes be made to work processes to make them more efficient?
Are there any time-consuming tasks that are taking up too much effort and can be streamlined instead?
What can you do right now to prevent further damage to the company during the pandemic?
What is the best way to preserve your existing business to protect your company and employees?
Are there any tools and software at your disposal that aren't being utilised completely?
Where do your most stable revenue sources come from? Is it a particular industry or type of customers?

Keep in contact with teammates

With everyone working from home, the ease of connecting face to face isn't possible anymore. This can have a huge impact on team morale, collaborations, and group meetings in general. Make sure that you keep your teammates in mind when devising a work strategy in mind for the coming months.

Not being able to see your team members on a daily basis and communicating only through emails and calls can be difficult to keep the team motivated. Make sure to stay in constant contact with your employees and create time for video calls apart from just voice calls. Adding a visual element to calls can make conversing easier and facial cues also help make conversations simpler.

Apart from just talking about work, also touch base on personal topics and keep a check on how everyone is doing, including their family and pets, during this time of isolation.

Have a positive reaction to your surroundings

COVID-19 has created significant hardships for companies and individuals, whether professionally or personally. It is very easy to have a negative outlook on what's happening around you but keep in mind, your perspective may affect another person as well.

Instead of being down and upset about the situation, try and make the most of it. This is especially necessary for a professional setting as people are already worried about the fate of their careers and don't need fear as a driving factor to contribute to work.

Show support to clients

In this uncertain time, show patience and kindness to your customers who may be frightened about the situation. While having a positive outlook, portray a facade of oneness and positivity, so they know they can still approach you when they require your products and services. Be more flexible with call times and show patience as everyone is trying to do their best juggling work and home in this situation.

Make sure to keep putting out updates on your website and social media platforms to inform customers and prospects of how your business is handling COVID-19 and how they can still safely avail your services and products.

Don't forget your prospects

When the pandemic hit, you must have had a couple of good leads you were pursuing - don't let them fly away! Just because you are working remotely and your everyday work structure has changed doesn't mean you can't keep working on your sales and marketing processes.

Don't let important opportunities fly by and instead keep in touch with the prospects in your pipeline, as the crisis will stop at some point and you can then take this relationship further.

Show support to other businesses

Just because it is a pandemic, doesn't mean it is every person for themselves - this is the time to come together and help each other. Support local businesses by giving them a shout-out on your platform, helping them financially when you can, or helping them with certain services by incorporating your help. This is the time to make connections that can help you in the future.

Health is wealth right now

Before anything else, take care of your mental and physical health. This is a taxing time and can take a toll on you in the long run. Instead of constantly worrying about what will happen, stay more present and work on what you can change and adapt to. Without your own good health, you wouldn't be able to help your company, teammates, or clients.

In such a difficult situation, companies are still doing their best to stay afloat and pivot their marketing strategy to one that can be adapted to the new normal. Instead of giving up, use this time to find new opportunities, boost morale, stay positive, and be an inspiration and help for teammates and other businesses around you. Always remember, we are all in this together!

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