5 Ways CRM is changing Lead Generation

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With many available tools these days, marketers are smart enough to know different ways of generating leads. Using a Customer Relationship Management system plays a big hand in this, but what use is it if you just keep populating your database with leads that are unqualified?

Many marketers need to start focusing on looking at smarter ways to use their CRM for generating leads. CRM is changing the way we manage leads and can be used for much more than just automation of lead management.

Marketers need to incorporate different platforms and effective techniques to capture leads that have a higher chance of conversion. Ultimately, it is a matter of quality over quantity when it comes to lead generation.

Here are some ways a CRM can change lead generation for marketers.

Analytical tools

CRM provides lead analytical data that helps marketers better understand their leads, as well as observe, track and analyse behaviour to properly target customers. By having insight into vital marketing automation metrics, you can take actionable steps towards generating more high quality leads.

For instance, if you've run a campaign on Facebook, your CRM can help you in measuring the effectiveness and reach of your post on the social media platform and thus find prospective leads as well as create a more loyal relationship with customers by providing them with personalised content.

Predictive analysis to create a behaviour pattern

Data mining techniques can greatly help marketers get more important insight into their existing customer database. By analysing this data, you can see a behaviour pattern that helps you understand your customers and thus deliver customised content to them.

Leveraging this predictive analytics helps you know exactly what your customers are looking for and then you can target them more precisely, increasing qualified lead generation. Tracking lead behaviour on your website can also help you in weeding out weak leads early on and solely focusing on high quality leads.

Integration with email marketing

Using email marketing is a great way for marketers to reach prospective leads. With the easy integration of an email marketing tool with your CRM, marketers can send newsletters, updates, new products and offers as well as other value adding content to entice new leads.

These email addresses can be procured on the website when people sign up for newsletters, free white papers or other interesting material. With the email marketing tool, tailored and customised emails will be sent to these leads as per there preferences.

The automated email marketing tool also comes with features such as bounce tracking, and helps in optimising your marketing emails with drip campaign management as well, helping in generating high quality leads.

Identifying and understanding your target audience

To properly identify your target audience in order to gain new leads, you first need to clarify and understand what problem your product or service solves for people. Once you get that right, you can correctly find the right people who are need of such a service or product to solve that very problem.

To come to this conclusion, marketers can use a CRM to test out a marketing campaign and then make use of the platform's analytical tools to find out which customers interacted with the campaign. This process is continuous and helps in getting the right lead generation capabilities.

Lead nurturing

Once you've zeroed in on your quality leads, the CRM can systematically help you with the process of lead nurturing, which is a vital step towards the lead becoming your customer. This process includes the marketer sending out a variety of relevant content to prospective leads at various stages of the lead life cycle. By mainly focusing on customer queries, you can get the leads to move closer to the finish line of sales.

Apart from just sending out targeted content, the marketer can also use many techniques during the process of lead nurturing, which include lead scoring, multi channel nurturing, and follow ups.

There is no doubt that the use of a CRM has been very beneficial for marketers in terms of finding the right leads and identifying the best ways to nurture them to conversion. Incorporating the right techniques and tactics can take you a long way and help in focusing on and turning only high quality leads.

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