5 Challenges To Overcome When Managing A Remote Business - PART 2

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Remote working has become the new normal for companies, whether it is a change adapted due to the Coronavirus pandemic or just as a trend to reduce set up costs and minimise pressure on a new startup. Apart from the economic benefits such a working model provides remote businesses, it also adds the advantage of tapping into a market of several professional, self-employed people from all over the world since there is no restriction of location.

Though, getting to the optimal level of running a smooth business with teammates who don't work in the same office can be challenging. In the first part of this blog, we discussed common challenges faced by remote companies such as -

    • Resourcing a new team and how to find people who are a good fit for the job.

    • Maintaining productivity and monitoring progress when you aren't working together.

    • Staying on the same page to understand your team's expectations via open and clear communication.

In this second part of the blog, let's delve into the challenges of creating everyday work processes for smooth workflow as well as ensuring that team morale is high so your company can efficiently overcome any problems and challenges!

4. Processes to be handled

Having an agreed set of processes in place can help everyone increase productivity and decrease confusion. Establishing the right processes for your business from the early stages is essential to allow team members as well as managers to understand the ultimate goal and work towards it in tandem. While there should always be room for creativity, a set process in place can provide seamless workflow every day. This becomes even more important as your company grows with new systems, team members, and legacy processes.

Simple and versatile -

Try not to make things unnecessarily complex and rigid when it comes to creating processes and following them. You need to add versatility to the mix so that your team has a way to exercise their creativity but within a framework of previously agreed upon processes. If you already have a communication structure in place, a little back and forth for closing the deal shouldn't be a problem.

Automation -

Automation is key when it comes to increasing productivity. You don't want to over-burden your team or reps with repetitive manual tasks and thus using a Customer Relationship Management platform that offers the flexibility of automation is the key. Doing this will free up time and allow them to focus on more important tasks at hand.

Result-oriented -

Processes are only efficient and work for your company if they deliver the needed results. It is easy to get mixed up in workflows and forget about what the ultimate goal is, so make sure to always measure how they contribute to efficient results. Focus on maintaining what is important and remove what seems unnecessary and redundant.

Adaptable roles -

As your team and client base grows, new roles will be filled while other gaps in processes may appear. Be flexible and adaptable instead of trying to fit everyone in your initial workflow. Adapt your processes as your company gets bigger by incorporating new approaches and alterations.

5. Team morale

Sustaining a successful business is a roller coaster ride and comes with its own ups and downs. One of the key factors in ensuring everything is sailing smoothly is team morale, without which it is impossible to reach ultimate productivity. Maintaining a steady stream of motivation can be challenging over time but if unaccounted for, it can also become a critical problem that hampers efficiency.

Provide support -

While your team members should be efficient and skilled at the tasks they were hired to handle, the team manager should always be around to provide support, stability, and advice, owing to their years of experience. While giving new hires space to learn the ropes is needed, you must also ensure structured support and backing.

Always listen -

Work relationships can be challenging no matter how near or far you work from your team members. Communication is necessary but so is non-judgemental listening so you can properly understand and stay engaged with your team. Certain issues with work expectations, task allocations, and company structure need to be handled smartly when managing a remote company.

Incentive-based tasks -

Many employees and reps do well when given incentives for achieving certain targets. A lot of times these incentives are monetary such as year-end bonuses, but you can also add promotions, vacation packages, and other such incentives if you wish. Recognition of achievement and getting rewarded for the same is a great way to maintain morale and motivate your team to better.

Team building exercises -

Humans thrive on social bonding but in a remote work setting that sense of personal communication can get lost. Always encourage team members to socialise online and keep a casual channel of communication open for jokes and general banter between office mates! For instance, take time to incorporate post office video calls where everyone can sit with their choice of beverage and chat with each other in a non-formal setting.

A remote work set up for businesses of all kinds

For most new and modern business ventures, a remote work setup offers a great opportunity to sustain in a fast-growing environment while reducing expenses and risks. We've gone over the many challenges that come with running such a business, but tackling them correctly can give you an advantage over the competition.

Implement the simple solutions and tips given in this two-part blog and swiftly find a way to resolve any challenges you may be facing as a remote business!

    • Choose careful planning, patience, and preparation as a way to handle the work scenario every day.

    • Create a work culture of inclusivity and support, where each team member can readily help the other when needed.

    • Maintain transparency through the company when it comes to work and tasks so that there is a collective understanding of what the company requires to do better and succeed in the industry.

A remote business is built on trust and you cannot micro-manage your team members' work every day. An honest and open approach builds trust and allows for a group of similar-minded people to work together towards a collective goal - the success of your company.

If you are looking for a cloud-based CRM that can efficiently help you handle work remotely, get in touch with our FIVE CRM experts to know more. Our platform is a scalable model that offers collaboration communication, automation of processes, and much more needed by remote businesses to succeed.

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